Motivation Tricks

Humans are driven by both internal and external motivation. Some individuals are driven intrinsically, like achieving a goal because it is personally rewarding. Some individuals are driven extrinsically, like achieving a goal to earn a tangible reward. Everyone has some sort of mix on how they are motivated in order to achieve greatness. But, when motivational drive runs out, processes are delayed and it seems as if nothing is achieved. So, how does one become motivated again?

Stick to a Plan

            Planning is imperative when it comes to achieving a goal. As tedious as it may be, planning can help motivate you when you feel discouraged. An in-depth plan will set an itinerary for when things should be completed and how they should be completed. This will keep you organized and aware of upcoming due dates that will help motivate you to complete the goal. Having a plan will allow you to see the progress you have accomplished and what needs to be achieved. Whenever you are lost or discouraged, look back on the plan and praise yourself on the progress that you have achieved! It’s always easier to know where you’re going so you don’t end up somewhere else.

Remember the “Why”

            When we are focused on the roadblocks we encounter as we achieve a goal, we forget why we started in the first place. When we lose focus of the “why,” we lose focus of the goal.  The goal becomes less appealing when we focus on the tedious tasks necessary for success. So if you feel yourself losing interest in achieving the goal, take some time to remember the vision you had from the beginning. The “why” is extremely motivating when it comes to accomplishing a goal. Are you in it for a tangible reward? Are you in it for a better lifestyle? Always remind yourself why you started what you started. Remember that this journey you have decided to take is for a better tomorrow.


            Exercising is a great way to productively procrastinate. Productively procrastinating is great because you’re able to take some time off of the main task and work on something else that can improve your lifestyle, or help with your goal. When you’re discouraged and unmotivated, take some time to exercise. This can be mental exercises or physical exercises. As long as you keep your brain working, it will help you clear your mind of any discouragements or doubts and get you motivated again to achieve your success. Read an inspiring book to encourage new thoughts; solve some puzzles to keep your brain active; or go to the gym and release endorphins to reduce your stress level. After you have taken a long enough break, go back to the task at hand with a refreshed mindset.

Share Your Goal

            Sharing your goal with others who are also passionate for the same thing is a powerful way to create a motivated environment. Talking aloud about a plan allows you to understand what you’re aiming for and why you want to achieve the goal. Having a team of individuals who are also inspired to achieve the same goal will help keep everyone on the same page, motivated, and efficient. Having a team allows you to bounce ideas off each other, have different perspectives as to how to best achieve a goal, and have a support system when things don’t go as planned. Teams provide an environment of synergy, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

            Motivation. We all need it. We all yearn for more to be better. When you feel discouraged, always remember there are resources to help motivate you to keep going, to keep striving. Stick to a plan, remember why you started, exercise your brain, and have a supportive group that shares your same goals. There is so much greatness to be achieved in our lives, and we can’t lose hope just yet!