Take a Risk

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” — Mark Twain

Taking risks is a part of life and growth. We have one life to do things that inspire us to feel alive. Following your passions takes risks because you sacrifice time and energy to pursue your dreams. Taking risks and learning that failing is not the end will ultimately lead you to your success. Just because you have failed before does not constitute you as a failure. In twenty years, you’ll reminisce about the trials and tribulations that you have taken in order to be in the position you stand in, which is better than regretting the things you were too scared to try. Life is a place of endless possibilities! Here are a few ways how taking risks throughout your life can lead you to your success:

Unforeseen Opportunities

A tip about taking risks is to seize an opportunity, whatever it may be. Whether it is something you have never experienced, or something that requires taking on a bigger role, take the chance. These new opportunities lead to a road of new skills and possibly something you enjoy. Fear is just an emotional response to induced by something unfamiliar to you, and can easily be diminished as you become familiar with whatever it is. It takes time and courage to conquer a fear, but we all have to start somewhere. Opportunities lead to more opportunities, so take a chance to see where one opportunity can lead you!

Building Confidence

Having passion for an area already makes you ahead of the game. It is easy to see who is passionate and who is not. Those who are passionate about something are willing to take more risks than those who are not as passionate. Finding your passion will encourage you to do whatever it takes to succeed. As you take more risks, it helps you build confidence in what you do. You’re able to stand out and present yourself as a passionate individual that will encourage others to be passionate too.

Internal Growth

Through trial and error comes growth. Taking risks leads to personal growth. Throughout the journey of risk-taking, you learn a lot about yourself, like the extent to which you’re willing to go. It’s always easy to tell yourself you can’t do something, but you can if you want to. The only ones who stop us from doing what we want to are ourselves. Remember that we are built to achieve goals, no matter how difficult they may seem. There is so much to learn about yourself and others as you take risks, meet new people, learn new skills, and find new paths to take. Not to forget, the more risks you take, the more you’re able to overcome your fear of failure.

Achieve Your Dream

Nobody achieves their dreams by playing it safe. Risk-taking opens you up to a world of possibilities. Complacency leads to an unsatisfying and unexciting future. You don’t want to look back on the past and imagine the things you could have done to have a more fulfilling life. We all have one chance to chase our dream and make it a reality. It can only be done by taking risks, stepping out of our comfort zones, and following our passions.


All in all, taking risks is a part of the journey to your success. We all have different passions and aspirations we want to achieve, but they all require stepping out of our comfort zones and trying something new. For those who want to find their passion, risk-taking is beneficial for finding opportunities that might spark an interest. Internal growth and building confidence are all results from taking risks. There are no drawbacks to taking risks, even if it results in “failure.” Failures are not bad, they are just lessons learned and reasons to go back to the drawing board and try something else. We don’t want to look back twenty years from now and feel as if we’ve accomplished nothing. Your future begins today, so take a risk!